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Arzel Solution-Based Comfort Zoning | Heating & Cooling
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Zoning Systems

Arzel Solution-Based ComfortFred's Home Services is proud to carry and service the full line of Arzel® comfort zoning systems as well as the Trane ComfortLink™ II Zoning System. These zoning control systems allow for customizable heating and cooling solutions for each room in your home to provide maximum comfort year-round.


Currently your entire home environment is controlled by a thermostat located in a single room. While convenient, the temperature and humidity levels in that room can differ significantly from the environment in other areas throughout your home. For instance, rooms on the second floor are naturally warmer because hot air rises, while first floor rooms and the basement are cooler. Rooms with greater sunlight exposure will be warmer than rooms without windows. It can also be more challenging to maintain a consistent temperature in drafty areas while well-insulated rooms require less heating or cooling to be comfortable. In addition, each family member may have different temperature preferences or needs.

The fact is that the design and lifestyle patterns of your home create many temperature differences that a single thermostat cannot adequately serve. Multiple thermostats through a zoning system, however, can provide the control you need. Zoning creates areas or "comfort zones" which all have their own, individual thermostat. If you have four zones, you have four thermostats. With separate thermostats, each comfort zone signals the heating and cooling systems independently. This helps to equalize the temperatures in various areas and prevents overuse of air conditioning or heating in one area of your home.


The Arzel® Zoning System offers the ultimate solution to the issues associated with a single thermostat. You can achieve the comfort and temperature control you desire throughout your home while using less energy to operate your heating and cooling equipment, from anywhere between 2 to 8 zones. Some key components and features include:

  • Arzel® Zoning System Zone Control Panel: This system comes pre-programmed for quick installation.
  • Patented EzySlide™ Dampers: They slide right into your existing ductwork, which saves time and money during installation. Arzel’s air-driven dampers are nearly silent, and the unique gaskets are designed to provide complete shut-off to avoid expensive over-conditioning.

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With Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ II Zoning System, you’ll be able to direct more heated or cooled air where it is needed - and less where it isn’t. Room by room or zone by zone, you will enjoy steady precise comfort on demand. The ComfortLink™ II Zoning System includes these exclusive components and features:

  • Trane ComfortLink™II Control: This device is the heart of Trane’s zoning system. It’s an easy-to-use advanced command center that provides a seamless interface between your system and your life.
    • Integrate with your air purification system to provide cleaner air on demand.
    • Integrates with Nexia™ home automation to provide remote climate access.
    • Displays live weather data for your area, including forecasts, weather radar, and alerts.
    • Displays Fred’s Home Services contact information as your authorized Trane dealer if service or regular maintenance is required.
  • Wired Zone Thermostat: Temperature data is relayed to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, which allows temperature adjustment of an individual zone, such as a master bedroom or guest room.
  • Wired Zone Sensor: This sensor provides temperature data to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, allowing heated and cooled air to be directed where it’s needed. The temperature in zones with a Wired Zone Sensor is adjusted using the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control. This zoning system works well for a child’s room or hallway.
  • Motorized Modulating Dampers: Trane’s exclusive motorized modulating dampers work inside your ductwork by opening and closing in partial increments so you can fine-tune zoned areas for maximum comfort.
  • Synchronized Comfort: Connect your Trane ComfortLink™ II Control and zoning equipment to a perfectly matched Trane variable-speed indoor unit and multi-stage outdoor unit. Every component is designed to work in harmony with the others, optimizing your comfort and energy use combined with the enhanced humidity control.

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To have an Arzel or Trane zoning unit installed by one of Fred's certified technicians, call our friendly dispatcher anytime at (216) 481-4200 and we will bring the comfort to you!

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