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Gas Lines Install & Repair | Cleveland Heating & Cooling
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Gas Lines Install & Repair | Cleveland Heating & Cooling
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Gas Lines

You finally decided to install an outdoor grill on your patio and need someone to run the gas line? There's a leak in the line servicing your garage heater? At Fred's we not only run gas lines for stoves, water tanks, grills, and garage heaters; we also repair your in-home, main gas lines.

Heating, cooling, and plumbing are the three most basic comfort needs of every household. At Fred's, we specialize in all of them and don't rest until you are comfortable in your own home. We service all brands and have been Cleveland's premier heating, cooling and plumbing experts since 1982.

So call us anytime at (216) 481-4200 and we will bring the comfort to you!

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