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Professionally Installed Furnaces | Fred's Home Services

Why You Should Always Have Your Furnace Professionally Installed

Furnace being installed professionally

These days, there’s a DIY video online for everything, from home improvements to home repair. Taking advantage of these tutorials is a great way to help you save money. However, just because there is a DIY video out there for certain projects doesn’t mean that you should do them. One such project is installing a furnace. If you need a furnace installation for your Cleveland, Ohio home, having it done professionally by the experts at Fred’s Home Services is a must. Here’s why.

Experts are Knowledgeable

In order for your furnace to work properly, it has to be installed properly. You could spend the time researching how to do it correctly, but it could take a while, and a lot of trial and error, which means you’ll be in a cold home doing so. You could potentially even ruin the furnace in the process. Furnace installers have hours of education, not to mention experience, under their belts, learning how to install and maintain them. With a professional, you can be assured that your furnace will be installed right the first time.

Experts Have the Skills

Installing a furnace is more work than simply disconnecting the old furnace, removing it and connecting the new unit in its place. That is only a part of the process. In order to install a furnace correctly, some ductwork will need to be completed. Ductwork requires some experience with sheet metal. If you don’t have experience with metalwork, you run the risk of an improper installation, which can then cause your furnace to run inefficiently (which means a shorter life and higher energy bills), and may even lead to safety issues.

Safe Installation

There is a lot involved with a furnace installation, including electrical work. The new furnace will need to be plugged into your main electrical system, which will require specific wires to be cut. If you don’t have experience with electrical work, you run the risk of cutting the wrong wires and potentially even giving yourself a serious shock or two. And, if the electrical work is done improperly, the furnace won’t function correctly, and could turn into a serious safety hazard.

The Right Tools

Furnace installation requires a special set of tools, most of which you most likely don’t have readily available in your tool collection. You could go out and buy them, but they will most likely run you a pretty high bill, and you probably aren’t going to be using these tools on a regular basis. Experts already have these tools in their arsenal, and have the experience and expertise to use them.

Peace of Mind

A professionally installed furnace provides you with peace of mind, knowing that it was installed right the first time, and that it will function as it is supposed to. It often comes with a warranty, which means if, for some reason, your furnace isn’t functioning properly within the warranty period, someone will come back out to your home and fix the issue, free of charge. If you install it yourself, you don’t have that same warranty, which means you will have to pay for someone to come out to do the repair work, a bill that can run pretty high.

While some DIY projects around your home – hanging shelves, installing wooden floors, or redoing your bathroom – are a great way to help you save some money, installing your furnace should be left to the professionals. Fred’s Home Services can install your furnace right the first time, helping you to stay warm in the cold winter months. Give us a call today to learn more!

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