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What Causes Cold Spots In Your Home | Cleveland OH
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What Causes Cold Spots In Your Home | Cleveland OH

What Causes Cold Spots in Your Home?

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With winter well underway in Ohio, it’s time to turn up your heat. But have you noticed lately that some areas of your home just seem colder than others? It might be tempting to run out and get a space heater, but an improper space heater can present issues of its own – overheating, toppling over or even starting a fire. Cold spots in your home are usually a sign that something is wrong with your heating and cooling system; here are a few of the causes.

Improperly Sized Unit

When it comes to your Ohio heating and cooling system, size matters. If your unit is too big or too small, properly controlling the temperature becomes not only difficult, but expensive as well. The wrong sized unit means that the temperature throughout your home won’t be consistent. This can often be a problem if you have put an addition on your home, and the unit that was once the right size is now too small.

Leaking Air Ducts

Having leaks in your air ducts makes temperature balance impossible. Heated air is being lost as it travels throughout the pipes, rather than to the rooms it is being directed to. This reduces the efficiency of your unit by upwards of 20%, which means it works harder (which can significantly reduce the unit’s life) and you pay more in heating bills.

Poor Insulation

Your heating ducts are most likely made from a very thin metal, which travels through typically cool areas like your attic or basement. When the heated air in the pipes meets the cool air in these areas it needs to travel through to get to the desired room, it almost instantly cools down. Again, this can result in extra spending to keep your home warm. This is why insulation of the ducts is so important.

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Improper Zoning

Maybe your issue isn’t your heating and cooling system, rather it’s your zoning system. Zoning gives you the ability to control the temperature of different areas of your home independently from others. Without zoning, or improper zoning, your heating and cooling system warms (or cools in the summer) your entire home regardless of whether or not you’re using it. This eats up energy and you have to constantly adjust the thermostat to keep you comfortable. Zoning allows you to stay comfortable, avoid cold spots and save money.

Cold spots in your home can make you miserable. Issues with your Ohio heating and cooling system need to be addressed. The experts at Fred’s Home Services in Cleveland, Ohio can check the condition of your heating and cooling system and make the necessary repairs or replacements. And if the issue is zoning, or you are interested in having your house zoned, we can take care of that, too. Give us a call today!

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