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Variable Speed Technology | Cleveland Furnace Installation
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Variable Speed Technology | Cleveland Furnace Installation

Variable Speed Technology for Your Furnace or AC Installation

When it comes time for a new furnace or air conditioning system installation, you should consider the variable-speed technology available today.  A recent article in the HVAC industry magazine HVACR Business, January 2014 written by John Gibbons supports my sentiment.  Quoting Mr. Gibbons, "Though variable-speed units tend to cost more than single or two stage equipment, they can operate far more efficiently because their outputs vary according to the conditions of the home, rather than running at full or a single reduced capacity for the duration of a cycle.", In other words, variable-speed units run only as hard as they need to in order to reach the desired temperature that the homewoner is trying to achieve.  If you are only trying to move the temperature 1 degree, a variable speed unit will use a very small portion of its total output capability.  In the same 1 degree scenario, a single stage unit will use all of its output to reach the same desired temperature.  Given the temperature fluctuations and highs and lows throughout the year, a variable-speed unit may only run at full capacity a few times per year.  Think of the potential savings on your gas and electric bills if you had a variable-speed system.  Variable-speed equipment can offer substantial savings on your energy bills.  Ask our technicians about variable-speed systems and enjoy the savings.

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