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Preventive Maintenance Update | Cleveland Heating & Cooling
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Preventive Maintenance Update | Cleveland Heating & Cooling

Update on Preventive Maintenance in Cleveland

Due to the change in the weather in Cleveland, it was "all hands on deck" this week.  I know I just wrote a week or so ago about the importance of being one of our Preventive Maintenance Agreement customers, but while I was out handling a few calls for furnace service and furnace repairs, the importance of having your heating and air conditioning maintenance completed each season was really driven home.  Many of the services we performed this week, would have been found and fixed during our annual preventive maintenance visits.  Since several of these were not part our Loyalty Program, we had to charge them the normal rate.  If they had been part of the program, we probably would not have seen them this week and they would not have been without heat for a portion of a day.  If you are not part of our maintenance program, please ask one of our service technicians or speak to me or the office.  Thank you.

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