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Furnace Efficiency Tips | Cleveland Furnace Installation
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Furnace Efficiency Tips | Cleveland Furnace Installation

Top 3 Furnace Efficiency Tips

You have spent countless hours researching the right HVAC system to work perfectly to warm your home efficiently in the cold winter months and to cool it in the hot summer months. What’s more, you’ve spent thousands of dollars to purchase it and have it installed by a reputable company! After having assisted you in the installation, we at Fred’s Home Services would like to help you keep your investment working at optimum performance. So we have listed below a few tips to help keep your HVAC system running efficiently for years to come.

Importance of an Annual Furnace Maintenance Check

An annual furnace checkup is a must! Recently we had a customer who had a newer furnace but when we went to do a maintenance check, we found that it had a plugged flue pipe that was causing CO to spill back into the home. If we hadn’t been called out for the routine maintenance call we never would have found the deadly issue that the furnace posed to our customer. In addition to safety issues like this, having your furnace and or HVAC system annually inspected can prevent failure, increase efficiency, and prolong the longevity of your furnace. Maintenance can identify a dirty or damaged heat exchanger, burner, flame sensor, blower wheel, condensate trap, or indoor ac coil. If left damaged or unclean it will lead to system failure. However, a Fred’s Home Services technician will identify and correct these potential problems ensuring that your furnace will operate efficiently and safely. Reducing the likelihood that you will have costly furnace repairs or a premature furnace replacement in the near future. Another very important reason to keep your new furnace inspected annually, is to keep your warranty with the manufacturer valid, you must show proof that you have maintained the product!

Filter your Furnace

If you think of your furnace filters as that mask that you wear when you are sick. You cough in it, you sneeze in it... and germs, bacteria and debris have collected on it. Can you imagine how much has collected on it within the one day….how about a week... a month! You wouldn’t think of keeping that thing on your face for two days let alone for an entire month. So why would you leave the germs, bacteria and debris that has collected within your furnace’s filter there for you and your family to breathe day in and day out for 6 months or a year? A normal furnace filter with 1’ thickness in a home with fairly clean duct work will need to be replaced every 3 months. However, just like everything else, there are variables. There are washable filters and disposable filters. Filters of varying thicknesses, scented filters... the skies the limit. But the most important thing to remember is to check your filter for cleanliness at least every 30 days and replace it every 6-8 weeks. This is a simple task that you can do yourself that will improve the performance of your furnace and prevent costly breakdowns that occur when your system runs on a clogged filter.

Insulate Your Home

Making sure that your home is well insulated can make your furnace run more efficiently and save you on your energy costs. How so? The purpose of insulation is to resist the cold temperatures outside from coming in and to prevent losing the warm or cool air on the inside of your home. You see any warm air in your home that comes into contact with a cold window, cooled by the outside air, and is immediately cooled. The more windows that you have that do not have a layer of insulation (such as blinds or curtains) the more your furnace is going to have to turn on to have to reheat the room. Cracks around your windows, doors and chimneys allow warm air to escape. Save your furnace and your wallet by adding weather-stripping to keep air and heat from escaping.

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