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Permits & Furnace Installations | Cleveland Air Conditioner
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Permits & Furnace Installations | Cleveland Air Conditioner

Permits and Furnace Installations

We get asked nearly everyday why we have to pull city permits to do a Cleveland Furnace Installation.  We all know the government always wants a piece of anything that is going on, however, these are actually a good function of the government as they are trying to help prevent homeowners from getting a poor quality furnace installation. In my last blog, I asked that you take a look at the photos of "before and after".  In those photos, you would be able to see that the previous furnace installation looks a bit more like a child's art project than a professional furnace installation.  In many cases we hear the same the same things over and over.  Most say, "I got a really good deal".  Really?  How is it that a good deal is more important than quality, safety and piece of mind that the furnace is going to run properly and be safe for your family.  We often see new installs without chimney liners, no permit, old gas shut offs, poorly connected venting (which can allow CO into your home and make you sick or even kill you).  How is that a good deal?  Please be careful that the company you select is pulling their permits and doing a quality job.  I know everyone will not install a furnace as well as we do, but they should at least do it so that you are safe.  However, those good deals often cut significant corners in their work causing you problems down the road.

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