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Reviews For Fred's Home Services | AC Repair Services
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Reviews For Fred's Home Services | AC Repair Services

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In June, we shared that we won the "Best of Homeadvisor Award". allows customers to return to their site after a service to give unbiased feedback on the contractors who performed the work.  We are proud to say that we now have nearly 100 reviews and that all of them would recommend us to others.  We work diligently everyday to exceed our customers expectations.  We don't have reviews on our own website because we know that companies "cherry pick" their best work to put on their site.  Anyone can have 3 or 4 customers that love what they do, but to have nearly 100 who recommend you to others, and take the time to give an unbiased report on your work is quite an accomplishment.  When you are thinking about heating and air conditioning services, please consider the quality of the service as well as the cost.  We will work within your budget to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.  Cleveland furnace installation pricing is very competitive.  While I can't guarantee that we are the cheapest guys out there, I can guarantee that we will do the highest quality installation of new equipment.  If you take the time to look at our reviews, you will see that I am basing that statement on more than wishful thinking.  Our customers continue to tell us that we do great work and we will not let them down.  So when you are in need of heating and air conditioning services or installation, please consider allowing us to show you why so many customers trust us with their home's most valuable equipment. 

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