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Air Conditioning Maintenance | Schedule With Us | FHS

Now is the Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment!

Now is the Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment!

The weather has been all over the place the past few months in Cleveland.  One moment you think the warmer weather is finally on its way in (after all, it IS March!) and the next the temperature plummets below freezing, leaving you huddled indoors with the heater blasting.  You might be wondering if you’ll ever get to turn it off.  Worry not, warmer temperatures are around the corner, and soon you’ll be cranking up the air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable.  Before you reach that point, however, now is the time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment with Fred’s Home Services.

Why Now?

You may be wondering why you should bother with air conditioner maintenance, especially now.  It’s still cold out.  You won’t need the air conditioner for several more months.  You had your air conditioner serviced last year, and think it’s not necessary.  Having your air conditioner serviced is essential to ensure optimal performance when you need it most.  And scheduling it now ensures that a technician will be available to come out to your home when you are available to be home to greet them.


Having your air conditioner serviced in the spring, well before the warm weather really takes hold provides you with a number of different benefits.  First, it ensures the reliability of your air conditioner.  Skipping out on a routine maintenance check could mean serious issues, and serious repair bills, later on when the days are at their hottest.  And most of these issues could have been prevented, saving you a significant amount of money, simply by scheduling that appointment.

Second, having your air conditioner serviced now will help to ensure its longevity.  A poorly maintained unit often means that you will need to buy a new one, long before you ever expected to, which is a rather large waste of money.  A maintenance check can save you not only the hassle, but the extra expense as well.

Finally, a well-maintained air conditioner ensures that it is always working efficiently.  If you slack off and skip an appointment, you run the risk of your unit functioning poorly, which, in turn, means that you will be paying more money on energy bills.  Don’t waste that money unnecessarily.  Schedule your maintenance appointment and save up for something you really want.

Maintenance Plans

At Fred’s Home Services, we offer maintenance plans, which help you keep your air conditioning and heating units running at optimal efficiency.  They also come with a whole host of other benefits, such as discounts on repairs and service calls without the standard fees.  We have three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, which aim to meet your needs.  Ask about our maintenance plans when you schedule your appointment.

Don’t wait until the temperatures are unbearably warm before you schedule and appointment to have your air conditioner serviced.  Otherwise, you may find yourself without refreshing, cool air and a whole lot of costly repairs.  For your Cleveland air conditioner maintenance, be sure to call Fred’s Home Services today!

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