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Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation Cost | FHS Ohio

How Much Does Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit Cost?

Belt around a wad of cash

Do you dread summer because of how hot it means you are going to be? Then you may want to consider getting an energy efficient AC unit that can save you money!

For most of the U.S., your AC unit is your necessary companion all summer long. Whether it is old or new, so long as it works, you are glued to it. If you have a newer unit, you will likely notice that it is much quieter, definitely more energy efficient, and much more powerful than the older predecessors. This makes them tempting, but are they worth the cost you incur by having an air conditioner installation done?

Understanding the Basics of Your Air Conditioning Unit

To start, you have to get the basic understanding of the unit out of the way. If you want to go through a new air conditioner installation, you need to know a few things. You want one that is going to cool the space you need cooled efficiently and effectively, without going over your budget. You also want one that is not too big or too small for your space.

Air conditioners are currently measured by the ton, which then tells you how much heat they can take out of your house during 60 minutes of operation. You will see  BTUs, or British Thermal Units, on the labels, and this tells you how much heat can be pushed out of your home per hour of operation. If you go with just one ton, or 12,000 BTUs of power, it will effectively cool a small home, but if your home is larger, you may need something that is two or three tons, giving you 24,000 or 36,000 BTUs of heat removal.

Size is only one part of the equation when considering a new furnace and air conditioner installation. You need to consider how many square feet your space is, and how warm each floor of your home gets, since heat rises and adds to the temperatures on the upper levels.

Making Sure Your HVAC Contractor is Right

For the vast majority of people, an HVAC contractor is going to be the one coming in to do the air conditioner installation. If you have the skill to do it on your own, then you can buy them from some wholesale locations, but you require EPA certification to handle the required refrigerant.

If your home has never enjoyed central air before, you will need a few new breakers, along with some new wires, ducts, and the actual mounting of the unit outside. These steps need to be done properly, so don’t skimp on price here. You should figure on paying around $3,000 for a two-ton air conditioner installation, higher for larger units, and a bit less for smaller ones.

Helping Offset the Cost of a New Furnace and Air Conditioner Installation

Some states and even the federal government offer occasional tax breaks for getting an updated air conditioner unit installed. You can also find the occasional rebate offer which can take the price down even further. Energy Star’s website can also help you locate additional tax credits that you may be eligible for. The more energy-efficient the model you go with, the more credits and rebates you are likely going to find. States like people that put additions on or in their homes that keep the environment protected, and like to reward their residents, so look around and see if your state has such a program.

Since the coolant used in older AC units has been found to destroy the ozone, the manufacturers are trying to phase out R-22 (the old coolant). By the time 2015 came around, over 90% of the production for R-22 had already been reduced. The rules now state that air conditioning manufacturers and installers are not allowed to make or install units that require R-22 to function, other than the manufacture of replacement parts for older units.

Is There Any Variance in Costs for Air Conditioner Options?

When you go through a new air conditioner installation, you are going to need a few things, so make sure you include these in the costs. First, you are going to want a thermostat that is capable of keeping your home the right temperature. Second, you may need additional duct-work in different places within your home if your home does not circulate heating or cooling well.

You also want to get an air conditioner unit that has a high SEER rating. That means that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio allows the unit to function at a high rate while not having a tremendous energy output. New units are being sold with a minimum of a 13 SEER rating, but the top-end units can go up to a 27 SEER rating. The higher your rating, the lower energy your unit will consume, and the less time it will take to cool off your home. However, the higher the SEER, the higher the cost of the unit, so you need to decide what is worth it for you.

Noise can also change the price of your air conditioner unit. If you opt to go with a lower priced unit, you are likely going to have around 80 decibels of noise on hot days, and could go against what your local municipality says is allowed. Going for a unit that is more mid-range leaves you with about 70 decibels of noise, which usually fades into the background.

Some companies even offer air conditioning units that are both high efficiency and lower noise options, with the higher price tag you’d expect.

If you want to find the perfect air conditioner in Cleveland, at the right price, and you want the work done right, you need to find the perfect contractor to help you decide on the unit and get it installed before the next heat wave hits. 

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