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Furnace Tune Up | Cleveland Furnace Installation
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Furnace Tune Up | Cleveland Furnace Installation

Furnace Tune-Up

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I can't believe I am writing about furnace tune-ups already, but we have received a number of "no heat" calls.  The season is coming and you need to have your furnace tuned up for the winter.  We will do our full inspection of your furnace to make sure that it is operating properly and ready for the first time you need to turn it on and have heat.  Our technicians will also make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency so that you are not wasting gas.  You can see what we will inspect under the category of maintenance plans and then click on furnace inspection.  Several of the categories include multiple checks.  We will also check the operation of your humidifier and air cleaner to ensure that your entire system is ready to provide you with the comfort you expect in the upcoming cold weather.

We also do tune ups for boilers.  Boilers are inspected and maintained based on the manufacturers specifications.  We are currently offering our maintenance plans at a "pre-season" reduced rate of $70 for a furnace and $70 for an air conditioning system.  We offer plumbing inspections as well for $200.  The plumbing inspection is a comprehensive one-time analysis of all of your plumbing systems, including the hot water tank.  Call the office now to schedule one or more of the inspections mentioned above.  You can also email us a request for service via the website.  Thank you.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Steve Newman, President


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