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Cleveland Furnace Installation & Repair | Fred's Home Services

Furnace Installation and Furnace Repairs

Last week certainly forced everyone to think about either having their furnace repaired or a new furnace installation and some people had to make that decision with very little notice.  I know that I have written many times about the importance of preventive maintenace on your HVAC equipment, but it was never more true than last week.  We did an enormous amount of "no heat" calls and, literally, 85% of those calls could have been prevented if those people had been a part of our preventive maintenance plan.  Many of those calls were problems that arose due to lack of maintenance and most of them would have been caught and fixed long before the temperature fell below zero.  It is never too late to have your furnace inspected and maintained.  And, don't make the mistake of thinking that "I got through the coldest days of the winter and nothing bad happened".  Get that furnace checked!  I feel so strongly about it that I placed a discount on our website for $50 off our preventive maintenance plan.  And because so many people are finding this economic situation that our elected officials are keeping us in, I have offered a discount coupon for $250 off any furnace installation as well as $50 off any furnace repair.  So whether you are in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Medina County, Lake County or Geauga County, please visit our website and look for the coupons.  We did quite a few furnace installation in Cleveland and the surrounding area last week.  We replaced some very old models and we will be putting up pictures very soon in order to show the quality of work we do.  In the meantime, you can visit to see over 100 reviews of our furnace repairs and furnace installations (however, I would prefer that when you decide to call us, please use our office number 216-481-4200 or the contact on the website).  The best part of all of those reviews is that EVERY reviewer would recommend our company.  Every member of our team works hard everyday to exceed expectations and from the reviews we get, we are accomplishing it almost everytime. 

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