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We get many furnace maintenance, furnace repair and heating service calls to our office regularly requesting a free service call.  The number of those calls has led me to think that we need to explain our pricing philosophy in a little more detail.  We do not charge a service call fee, call out fee or service charge anytime someone needs a repair.  Therefore, on any furnace repair, air conditioning repair, boiler repair or hot water tank repair, there is not an additional service call charge.  Our simple idea is that if you actually need something repaired, you don't deserve an additional charge for having us come to you house.  We feel it is a privilege to service your home and adding an addtional charge doesn't seem right to us.  We do charge a "call out fee" if there is not a repair necessary.  Our call out fee is typically lower than many of our competitors.  I established our service call fee in those cases where a repair is not necessary.  The fee covers the cost of the technicians time, fuel, worker's compensation tax, etc.  We cannot have a service technician driving from house to house without earning any profit or we would go out of business.  I also see many of our competitors saying "free service call".  However, has anyone ever offered you anything for free and then it was actually free?  I use the service call fee as a way for my technicians to be able to "not fix" something that isn't broken.  They don't have to find a "broken" part in order to recoup the cost of their time.  If your equipment is operating as it should or is something minor then they will charge our service fee and everyone can feel good about the experience.  So we do have a free service call, when you are in need of a repair.  We will then charge just for the repair itself.

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