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Five Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System
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Five Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System

Five Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System

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If your HVAC system is older than 10-15 years, needs frequent repairs, or has been causing your energy costs bills to rise, then it's time for a replacement. You may be tempted to wait until winter to make this investment, since you're using your HVAC system less during fall. But rather than try to eke out your deteriorating equipment until you need it most, we strongly recommend that you replace it now, before winter hits. Why is fall the best time to replace your HVAC system? Consider just five reasons.

1. Fall weather is naturally milder.

An older HVAC system on the fritz may survive fall only to break down in the middle of winter when you need it most. Since you use your HVAC system less during the fall, going without heating or cooling for a day or two while your new unit is being installed is not a big deal. By replacing your HVAC unit in the fall, you can rest assured that it will be reliable through the winter months, no matter how cold it gets. It also provides the ideal temperatures for your HVAC contractor to work in spaces like the attic or the basement.

2. hvac contractors have more time and availability during off-seasons.

HVAC systems often break down when they are being used the most. In Cleveland, Ohio, we blast our AC during the sweltering summer months and pump out the heat during the winter. So these times of year are extremely busy for HVAC companies. High demand unavoidably translates into longer wait times for service and steeper labor costs.

From late September to mid-November, however, HVAC contractors typically get less emergency field calls and thus have a much more open schedule. That means they'll be able to flex their appointments around your schedule, provide prompt service, and take the time required to install your new HVAC system properly without cutting corners.

3. You have more time to gather quotes and determine which hvac system is best for your home.

If your heater stops working in the dead of winter, you'll be more willing to accept the first quote you obtain for whatever system a contractor recommends and hire the first HVAC company who can fit you into their schedule. Making a quick decision out of desperation can mean paying significantly more up front or having an incorrectly sized HVAC system installed that costs you even more money to reinstall later.

In contrast, planning for a preventive HVAC replacement now in the fall allows you to slow down, assess your options, and determine your budget. You can take your time researching local HVAC contractors and get multiple quotes to ensure you get the best possible value and service. With fewer time constraints, the technician will be more willing to thoroughly assess your home's heating and cooling needs, perform airflow calculations, and examine the condition of your ductwork prior to the purchase and installation of a new HVAC system. Surveys of homeowners have shown that consumers are more satisfied with their experience and purchase decision when the technician performed inspections of their ductwork, insulation, and square footage.

You can also spend time looking into the latest HVAC technology features, such as high-efficiency systems, programmable smart thermostats, and indoor air quality control systems like humidification or dehumidification. One homeowner survey revealed that consumers who had the time to consider higher efficiency HVAC systems were more satisfied, even if they did not end up buying the high-efficiency models.

4. upgrading to a more energy-efficient hvac system in the fall can reduce your utility bills.

A high-efficiency furnace will have a 90-97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. According to the Department of Energy, a high-efficiency furnace can reduce your utility bills by up to 50%! A high-efficiency air conditioner will have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 15 or higher, which can reduce your cooling energy costs by 20-40%. Your HVAC contractor will help you to compare high-efficiency systems and prices to find the optimal choice for your home.

Energy Star qualified HVAC units that Fred's Home Services sells and installs include:

  • Comfortmaker IonTM System air conditioners, gas furnaces, and heat pumps
  • Comfortmaker Performance Series air conditioners
  • Comfortmaker QuietComfort® Series gas furnace and oil furnaces
  • Trane 90+ gas furnaces
  • Trane TruComfortTM variable speed air conditioners and two-stage air conditioners

5. You can save money with discounts on hvac units and services.

Replacing your HVAC system in the fall allows you to stay in control of your purchasing power. Since fall is a slower season for HVAC companies, contractors often decrease installation costs while retailers and manufacturers slash the prices of their HVAC systems in order to survive a down market.

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