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Eco-Friendly HVAC Advancements for 2020 | Fred's Home Services
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Eco-Friendly HVAC Advancements for 2020 | Fred's Home Services

Eco-Friendly HVAC Advancements for 2020

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The HVAC industry is changing for the better If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. The latest eco-conscious HVAC innovations available for homeowners can do exactly that - without sacrificing your comfort. From high-efficiency systems, to remote control thermostats, there are numerous ways to help preserve our environment. Read on to learn more about this renewed focus on green technologies and how you can power your Cleveland, Ohio home with as little impact on Mother Earth as possible.

high-efficiency heat pump systems

Since the Northeast Ohio area doesn't usually get extreme hot or cold weather, heat pumps can provide an energy-efficient alternative to air-conditioners and furnaces. Heat pumps work like your refrigerator which uses electricity to move heat from a colder space to a warmer space, which makes the already warm space warmer and the cool space even cooler. During the summer, heat pumps move heat from inside your house into the warm outdoors which cools your home down, and during the winter, they move heat from the outdoors into your house which warms your house up. Because heat pumps move heat around instead of generating heat, they can provide similar climate control as conventional furnaces or air conditioners at as little as one quarter of the cost. So you'll reduce carbon emissions, since they require less energy, and save money at the same time.

Smart Thermostat Automation

By installing a smart thermostat in your dwelling, you can gain more control over your home’s temperature. This home automation technology allows you to make temperature adjustments from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. It also gives you the ability to track energy usage and receive insights about ways you’re wasting the most.

HVAC Zoning Systems

Another energy efficient way to heat and cool your home is to designate targeted zones. This helps you more efficiently manage your indoor temperature by way of setting your thermostat in specific areas rather than altering temperatures in rooms that aren’t in use. You may be surprised how much this can reduce your energy use.

Variable Speed Technology

Certain HVAC systems available today incorporate variable speed technology to offer several benefits over units that function on a single speed. These types of systems use only the exact amount of power needed to maintain your thermostat’s set temperature. That means the motor uses less energy to supply power to the unit’s compressor as it operates at incremental rates rather than always at full speed. This technology also offers increased humidity control because the unit doesn’t need to cycle off and on so often. In turn, this reduces the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of the system.

With today’s HVAC technological innovations, you don’t have to sacrifice your family’s comfort to reduce your carbon footprint. At Fred’s Home Services, we stay ahead of the newest eco-friendly advancements in the HVAC industry. Contact us any time at 216-481-4200 to learn more about the green services we offer and install. We proudly service the Cleveland, Ohio community and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas.

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