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DIY Tricks For Lower Heating Bill | Cleveland Heating & Cooling
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DIY Tricks For Lower Heating Bill | Cleveland Heating & Cooling

DIY ways to lower your heating bill this winter

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Summer is in full swing in Cleveland. Most people are worried about whether their air conditioner will be able to keep up and how high their electric bills will rise during this time of year. This is important, but now is the time to start thinking about the winter and the heating needs your home will have. A smart homeowner can take many steps in lowering their heating bill when the weather cools down. Below are a few steps that even someone without much skill or money can take.

  • Look for drafts – There are many ways that cold air can infiltrate your home. Doors that are not properly sealed and the outlets on outside walls of the home are two of the ways that cold air will cause you to turn up the heater. Use a smoke gun to find the drafts around doors, outlets and windows. Seal the areas around the door using caulk and weather stripping. There are also foam insulation pieces that fit underneath the outlet covers to prevent drafts from getting in.
  • Add a layer of plastic film over your windows - The plastic film is cheap to get. It can be attached over the windows using double sided tape. The plastic is cut to size with a pair of scissors. Once the plastic is in place, a hot hair dryer will shrink the plastic to get a tight seal and to create a barrier that keeps the cold air out.
  • Get a programmable thermostat – This may not be a project for everyone, but changing the thermostat only requires connecting a few wires. The thermostat will make sure that the house is not kept warm when no one is home, yet it will turn the heat on before you get home so you aren’t cold.
  • Create zones in your room – You do not need to heat every room in a home. Closing off rooms and closing their vents means that you are heating a smaller space.
  • Add insulation in the attic – Laying insulation is not hard. Make sure that you fill in any areas where there is no insulation without compressing it. As long as your attic has proper ventilation, this is an easy project.
  • Close the fireplace and flue on your chimney – This will keep any cold air from getting into the home during the winter.

These are things that everyone can do, and they will help lower your heating bill. The best thing about these projects is that they will also help you lower your air conditioning bill in the summer. You win both ways.

Of course the most important step to take does require a professional. To make sure you have a properly working furnace, call Fred's Home Services today for affordable furnace maintenance and installation!

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