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Cleveland Air Conditioner Tips | AC Installation Services
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Cleveland Air Conditioner Tips | AC Installation Services

Cleveland - Don't beat up your air conditioner

During the summer we tend to beat our aur conditioning systems up a bit - especially in Cleveland!  We've compiled four tips to reduce the stress on your heating and cooling systems.  Here they are, simple but so efficient!

Avoid running your appliances in the evening. On a hot summer night it's easy to decide to cook inside (vs. grilling outside) to avoid the heat.  Unfrotunately, when you turn on your stove or oven, the heat created makes your air conditioner work harder to attain the temperature you've asked of it.

Replace your filters. Clogged air filters often lead to air-conditioning units and other items losing efficiency and eventually breaking. Again, your air conditioner ends up working harder and struggling to produce your ideal air temps.

Turn on the ceiling fan. While you're home, ceiling fans can be a great way to help circulate the air that your air conditioner is pumping out.  This allows the cool air to make it's way through your house more quickly and let's your air conditioner shut off sooner.  However our next warning goes hand in hand with this...

Regulate your air conditioner.  When you're not home, there's really no reason to be running your air conditioner.  A programable thermstat will allow you to set the air conditioner to automatically shut off while you're not home, then right before you return home from school or work.  Doing this not only gives your air conditioner a break, but also should help on your monthly electric bill! 



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