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Central Humidifiers | Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Central Humidifiers

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Many times when consulting with customers about their Cleveland furnace installations, I notice an old Aprilaire humidifier attached to their existing furnace.  Many of the homeowners say that they are having problems with dry, cracking skin or worse yet they are experiencing nose bleeds.  The newer fan powered humidifiers certainly will help the situation, but if you are like our family, the furnace does not run enough to keep the humidity level in the house where it should be for comfort.  We have done a number of furnace services in Cleveland and Medina and have set up the humidifier to work with a continuously operating fan on the furnace.  This method gives the humidifier the time it needs to do a thorough job of adding humidity to the home.  I had one of our technicians do the same rewiring at my house and now our family is comfortable and I no longer have dry, cracking hands.  Certainly consider a new humidifier if you have an old outdated model, but also consult with our technicians about the length of time the humidifier is running.  We can get the system to work properly for your needs.  Call me if you have questions or leave us an email at contact page.

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