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Bogus Ads & Cheap Prices | Cleveland Furnace Installation
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Bogus Ads & Cheap Prices | Cleveland Furnace Installation

Bogus Ads and Cheap Prices

Please be careful when reviewing and selecting a company to do your installation of new equipment.  We are seeing all sorts of ridiculous ads.  I saw one the other day that said "FREE Furnace with A/C install".  It listed a particular furnace that would be "free" with the installation of an air conditioner.  The value they placed on the furnace in the very, very small print was overstated by 100% and the furnace they were offering "free" would only work in the smallest of homes.  Just be careful!  I know it looks good and in this economy, we are all trying to save money where we can, but when you are counting on your furnace and air conditioning to work for the next 15 to 20 years, this is not an area to go for the cheapest pricing.  Make sure you are dealing with an honest, upfront company.  If someone is willing to lie to you to "get a foot in the door", do you think they will tell you truth the rest of the time?

Also, we were not selected for an air conditioning installation the other day (which happens periodically), however, when the homeowner told me that he had the system installed for $1,800, I became very concerned.  I realize this might sound like sour grapes, but I am truly concerned at what must have been done in order to do the job for that amount of money.  Most A/C units and evaporator coils along with the proper materials and time to do that job, cost much more than the homeowner paid.  It leads me to the questions, what short cuts were taken?  Did they use subpar equipment?  Was the equipment actually new?  Did they get the city permit?  And how could they spend the appropriate amount of time to properly vacuum and braise the lines and make sure that the freon charge was correct.  Let alone whether they have the pitch of the coil right and did they put the sheet metal back together correctly?  Even the simplest A/C installation requires 4 hours of labor.  How could they have done the job correctly?

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