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Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation Service | AC Repair
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Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation Service | AC Repair

Air Conditioning Installation

It is time to think about air conditioning installation Cleveland and air conditioning installation Medina.  We are already scheduled to do several air conditioning installations and repairs in the area.  With the weather changing to warmer temperatures, we will need those air conditioners ready to go in the next several weeks.  We do installations of Trane, Carrier and other manufacturers for a cost as low as $2,500 (depending on brand, size and difficulty of the installation).  Since most people are not finding our $250 discount coupons on our website, I have instructed my technicians and salespeople to include it with every quotation.

We understand that being competitvely priced for an air conditioning installation is important, but we also want our customers to understand that the actual installation processes and procedures are probably more important than the price.  No matter what you pay for an air conditioning installation in Cleveland or Medina, if the system is not properly installed to very exacting specifications, you will not get the performance or savings that are possible with a new air conditioner.

We will be happy to share our installation check list with you so that you can understand everything that goes into a quality air conditioner installation.  If each one of these procedures and checks is not done properly then your system will not operate properly and may even fail to cool the home.  Even something as simple as whether the condensor is level can have an effect on the performace of your system.  Shortly, we will have a copy of our installation checklist on our website with explanations of why it matters to you that we did the job the way we did.  Anyone (and I mean anyone) can sell you an air conditioning system, but not everyone can install it perfectly and give you the value of the system you paid good money to get.  That is why I "cringe" when someone tells me that they are getting a unit installed for $2,000...I know it is not going to work.  The cost just to purchase a decent system (without installation costs) is nearly $1,700 and that does not include the permit, freon, labor or any of the miscellaneous materials.  You must think about who you are selecting for your installation rather than just looking at price.  I realize that no one wants to spend money on a new air conditioning system.  But when you do, you certainly want to make sure that you are going to get the value out of the system.  Last week we did an a/c tune up and found a system (installed by another company just last spring) that was not in working order due to the fact that the freon charge for that unit was not done properly.  I am sure you can understand the frustration of the customer when they have a brand new system that would not work.


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