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Air Conditioning and Health | Blog Article
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Air Conditioning and Health | Blog Article

Air Conditioning and Health: Is Air Conditioning Bad for You?

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Air Conditioning and Your Health

As we’re heading into what could prove to be a very hot summer season, we anticipate that air conditioning use will steadily climb. Some customers might be wondering if all that recirculating air can negatively affect their health. Let’s dig into this a bit deeper and learn whether air conditioning can have an impact.

Health Benefits from Using Air Conditioning

Time spent outside in the heat and humidity of a Cleveland summer can be rough. Heat stroke, dehydration, and difficulty breathing are legitimate concerns. And oftentimes it’s the oldest and youngest among us who are most susceptible. The immunocompromised and those with chronic health conditions like heart disease are at an especially high risk. For these individuals air conditioning isn’t just a comfort factor, it can help to reduce their likelihood of getting sick or suffering adverse health effects from summer’s worst.

A key component of a good air conditioning system is its ability to improve air quality due to constant filtration. That means less dust, pet dander, and other common allergens are in the air, potentially easing symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory reactions. You can also install special filters to trap and eliminate bacteria and mold, common sources of illness. The lack of airborne irritants also creates a better environment for rest and recovery should you get sick.

Health Concerns and Air Conditioning

The correct size of unit for your space is key to keeping humidity levels on target. If your air conditioning system is too large, it can quickly cool a space without reducing humidity. That excess humidity can then create a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungus – three common vectors for illness. If on top of being too large an HVAC system isn’t regularly cleaned, it can then spread pathogens and contaminants throughout indoor spaces. 

On the other hand, excessively low humidity poses its own issues. Generally more of an irritation, low humidity can cause dry hair and skin. But it can also dehydrate your sinuses, breaking down one of the body’s natural defenses against respiratory ailments. Again, the likelihood of infection can go up. A balanced humidity keeps you comfortable and gives your body the best conditions to fight off illness. 

One risk that’s rare but worth mentioning is exposure to refrigerant. We know that many of you are savvy DIYers, and we love your determination. But without the right training or know-how, it’s possible to come in contact with harmful chemicals. These substances are typically in a closed system, but if there’s a leak or an attempted repair then exposure is possible. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, so we always recommend to seek us out if your air conditioning unit is in need of serious repair.

How To Avoid Air Conditioning Health Risks

One key way to protect yourself against risk is to be alert and aware. If your HVAC system is running non-stop, if you’re noticing odd sounds or odors, or if your home feels warmer or more humid than normal, it’s time to schedule a system checkup. While a Fred’s Home Services technician is at your home they can assess the state of your air conditioning system and recommend needed repairs or updates. 

Thorough cleaning is also vital. Air conditioning systems are run pretty consistently once the season heats up. All that use can mean that dust and contaminants collect within ducts, contributing to poor indoor air quality and even compromised health. This is one area where a little DIY effort is very worthwhile. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and using the correct filters work together to eliminate bacteria and microparticles, ensuring a clean, healthful air flow. 

Rely on the Experts at Fred’s Home Services

After decades servicing homes in the greater Cleveland area we know that clients expect honesty, integrity, and excellence. That’s what we strive to offer in everything we do. This is especially true when it comes to our customers’ health and safety. So we will always encourage you to reach out to us before tackling an HVAC repair on your own. If it seems that a serious issue is at play, our trained, certified technicians are here to help. Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to making your living space more comfortable!

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