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Cleveland Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation | FHS
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Cleveland Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation | FHS


We take great pride in our Cleveland furnace, heating pump, and air conditioner installations from the selling process all the way through final completion. We provide a no-cost comfort analysis of your home to ensure that you are going to receive exactly the right solution to your home comfort needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we will not quote replacement of your current system over the phone. We can give you a range of potential prices but not a firm price. We tried this several years ago as people were calling for an estimate and we found that when we arrived at the home to perform the work that the customer would ultimately be disappointed with the finished results due to oversized or undersized equipment as well as ineffective ductwork or other issues that would cause the homeowner to not receive the desired results. In many cases, the equipment that was installed in the home originally was simply not sized properly for their needs. And in Cleveland, a proper furnace or air conditioner installation can make a HUGE difference.

Our technicians and salespeople do a thorough walk-through taking measurements and noting the number and quality of windows as well as discussing any areas of the home that are not heating or cooling as well as the homeowner would like. We then do a full mathematical analysis of the BTUs and airflow necessary to ensure your desired result. We can also make recommendations for whole-home humidification and de-humidification that can increase the efficiency of the furnace or air conditioner.

Furnace, Heat Pump, and Air Conditioner Installation

We do install other brands at the request of the customer, but we believe these are among the most reliable and efficient brand names in our industry. Before even suggesting a new furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner installation, we make sure to understand the ins and outs of your heating and cooling system to make sure to make the best installation suggestions possible.

Boiler Installation

As is the case with our furnace and air conditioner installation process, our technicians and salespeople do a thorough walk-through taking measurements to ensure not only the installation of the best system for your business or home but also look and functionality that you, as the owner, like.

Hot Water Tank Installation (traditional)

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Humidification, De-humidification, Filter, and UV light Installation

Zoning System Installation

In Cleveland, air conditioning is a must. But, with the constant heat, it can be quite costly. Zoning Systems allow you to use your air conditioner and electricity as efficiently as possible to ensure that the right parts of your home are receiving the heating and cooling that you like them to get throughout your home or business.

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